NXP Lighting Revolution



NXP & Energy-Efficient Lighting

Incandescent bulbs have been the lighting workhorse for over 100 years. But they are now being phased out across the globe as everyone looks for more efficient lighting options - driven by concerns over climate change and energy resources. However, these options require more complicated driver and control electronics.

This is where NXP comes in - offering your integrated IC solutions that deliver the high quality compact - fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and retrofit LED bulbs consumers demand. So you can take advantage of the opportunities that this lighting revolution is bringing.

  • CFL
  • SSL
  • HID&TL

Fast start-up and dimmable

The Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) is the most familiar energy-saving lighting option to consumers, and has been available in stores for years. However consumers have often been dissatisfied with the variable quality, the long warm-up time before the lamp is at full brightness, incompatibility with dimmer switches.

Now you can address all these issues by simply switching from existing discrete control solutions to NXP's proven IC solutions. In particular, we have solutions that reduce start-up times significantly, enable deep dimming at high efficiency and extend lamp lifetimes.


  • Instant start-up with maximum brightness thanks to patented glow phase
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Higher end-product quality at similar price
  • Greater reliability and longer lamp lifetimes
  • Few components and easier engineering design and assembly
  • Smaller end products
Type Packaging Power (W) Switch Dimming
UBA2014 T (SO16)
P (DIP16)
Any Controller 100% - 10%
UBA2021 T (SO14)
P (DIP14)
Any Controller Fixed
UBA2024 T (SO14)
P (DIP8)
< 15W Integrated driver Fixed
UBA2024A T (SO14)
P (DIP8)
< 21W Integrated driver Fixed
UBA2025 T (SO16) < 25W Integrated driver Fixed

One solution for isolated and non-isolated configurations

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) represent a revolution in the electronics industry. These versatile devices will illuminate a host of new ideas and applications. And they promise lighting solutions like no other - small, adaptable, energy-saving and controllable in both color and intensity.

NXP's driver and controller ICs for dimmable LED lighting are the next step and solution of choice in retrofit LED lamps. Extended lifetime testing on the SSL2101 / SSL2102 family shows NXP to be the first semiconductor company capable of demonstrating that its mains LED drivers match LED lifetimes. Small, highly integrated and highly efficient they support the majority of available dimmers (TRIAC and transistor) and are ideal for small form-factor applications with closed casings.


  • The only LED driver available that matches LED lifetimes
  • Allow deep dimming down to below 1%
  • Flyback or buck capability - one IC solution for both isolated and non isolated designs
    • mains isolation is a key requirement for most off-line SSL applications
  • Higher integration and a smaller footprint
  • Naturally high Power Factor
  • Lower BOM & smaller footprint - key for retrofit applications
  • Full support for transistor dimmers, with 2 integrated bleeder circuits
  • Better efficiency thanks to valley detection
  • Adjustable natural dimming curve integrated
Type Packaging Power (W) Switch Dimming
SSL2101 SO16 < 15W Fly-back / buck Fixed 100% - 1%
SSL2102 SO20 < 25W Fly-back / buck Fixed 100% - 1%
SSL1522 T (SO14) < 15W Fly-back / buck Fixed External
SSL1523 P (DIP8) < 25W Fly-back / buck Fixed External
SSL1623PH DIP16 < 24W Fly-back / buck Fixed External
SSL1750 SO16 > 25W Fly-back / buck Fixed Fixed
TEA1751 SO16 > 25W Fly-back / buck Fixed Fixed
UBA3070 SO8 NA Current source Fixed

Meeting constantly evolving lighting needs, NXP offers one of the broadest portfolios of integrated ballast control and driver solutions. In addition to integrated CFL and SSL controllers you will find small form factor IC solutions that cover diverse range of applications including traditional TL lighting and the latest High Intensity Discharge (HID) or Xenon lamps for projectors and automotive applications.


  • Complete driver and controller IC portfolio covering every lighting installation
  • Family approach that is either pin compatible or based on the same controller IC<
  • Small form factor
  • Ease of use and improved safety
Type Description
UBA2035 Full-bridge UHP driver IC
UBA2036 Integrated full-bridge HID driver IC for automotive applications
UBA2037 Integrated full-bridge HID driver IC for indoor and outdoor lighting
UBA2014 Lamp controller and half-bridge driver IC for dimmable CFL / TL
UBA2021 Lamp controller and half-bridge driver IC for dimmable CFL / TL