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EFM®32 Gecko Development Kit

Supporting Energy Micro's energy-friendly microcontrollers

Energy Micro Gecko Development Kit Energy Micro's EFM32 Gecko Development Kit is a platform for rapid prototyping of ultra low power microcontroller applications. It consists of a motherboard, replaceable MCU board, and prototyping board along with a comprehensive software development environment.

The development kit features a unique Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system, which allows designers to have full control over their applications’ energy consumption. This, along with the ability to isolate the motherboard’s components not relevant to the end application, allows designers to make their applications as energy efficient as possible.

Two versions, one with an MCU plug-in board and the other with the MCU plug-in board with a 160-segment LCD, are available.

  • Advanced Energy Monitoring includes precise measurement of current and voltage, 0.1 µA to 50 mA measurement range, onboard logging and display features, and continuous availability at the push of a button
  • Software includes 32KB evaluation versions of KEIL™ MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit and IAR Embedded Workbench®
  • User Interface includes a 320x240 TFT display, 16 user LEDs, 8 rocker-style miniature DIP switches, 4 pushbutton switches, miniature joystick, 1 pushbutton system reset button, and potmeter
  • Analog Features include ambient light sensor/photo resistor, 3-axis accelerometer, and line-in / line-out analog interface
  • Communication features include two RS232 serial ports, I2C interface, and infrared transceiver
  • Debugging including onboard SEGGER J-Link USB emulator and ARM 20-pin JTAG/SWD standard debug in/out connector
  • Memory features include 4 Mbit fast-access SRAM, 32 Mbit NOR flash. 2 kbit I2C bus EEPROM, and 16 Mbit SPI Flash
  • Power includes two separate power domains allowing for accurate current and voltage measurements of the application energy consumption, external 5V supply, and 5V/500mA USB supply
  • Prototype Board includes availability of all EFM32 GPIO pins, 3 power domains (5V unregulated, AEM measured VDDm and VDD, user LEDs
  • MCU Board features LCD (EFM32-G8XX-DK only), 32.768 kHz crystal, 32 MHz crystal, and LEDs indicating power and reset
  • Setup Control includes FPGA controlling switches and connections as well as I²C EEPROM for identification of prototype and MCU boards

Digi-Key Part Number Energy Micro Part Number Description Datasheet
914-1003-ND EFM32-G8XX-STK KIT STARTER EFM32 GECKO Datasheet

EFM32 Gecko Microcontroller Family